Reebok’s New Advocacy and Loyalty Program – The Buyer’s Journey 26

Loyalty programs are great ways to retain customers, but Reebok’s latest encourages some fantastic Advocacy tactics, too! In today’s episode we dive deep into what makes this program unique.

The Advocacy Stage: A Refresher

The Advocacy stage of The Buyer’s Journey focuses on your former and current clients/customers advocating for your brand. This advocacy can come in many forms. These forms include reviews on Amazon and Google and word-of-mouth between friends and families. Positive comments on social media can also be particularly effective. The Advocacy stage also encapsulates influencer marketing. While an influencers do receive compensation for positive comments from your brand, it’s still positive advocacy.

Advocacy can also include negative comments. As we mentioned in our Consideration episode, bad reviews are fantastic opportunities to make a situation right. While you can’t solve every problem, even just acknowledgement of an issue can be enough to strengthen brand strength. It’s okay to have a few scars.

The Program

Suman Bhattacharyya on Digiday has a fantastic write-up on Reebok’s newest loyalty program. In many ways it is similar to many other loyalty programs. Users sign-up online. When a user makes a purchase while signed in, they gain reward points that allow them to get certain rewards. These rewards vary from expected niceties like free shipping, discounts, to more unique options such as special invites to events, access to products early, and more. The program differs compared to others in one major way: asking users to write reviews and post on social media for loyalty points. 

Matt Blonder, Reebok’s global head of digital told Digiday, “Unlocked is fundamentally a value-based program; it rewards our consumers for interacting with our brand. There are points associated with dollars spent, but there are also points associated with social interaction, with account creation and enrichment, event interaction, et cetera.”

At TBJ we find that social aspects of the program to be super interesting. While many programs in the past have suggested or prompted tweets in the past, few have allowed users to actively make social posts and reviews in this way.

One additional note: Bhattacharyya also points out that Reebok’s new program comes just before a site redesign and a shift to more digital avenues. In particular, Reebok’s need for more customer data, the likes of which many companies gather through a loyalty program.

Check out our next episode where we’ll discuss a news article covering the Awareness stage of The Buyer’s Journey.

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