WhatsApp’s Business App Comes to iOS – The Buyer’s Journey 28

WhatsApp’s business app is rolling out on iOS globally, meaning that your brand can now reach customers on one of the most popular messaging apps!

The Consideration Stage: A Refresher

The Consideration Stage is the second stage of The Buyer’s Journey and involves two main components: researching a brand’s product and choosing where to buy that product. This then leads customer’s into the Purchase phase.

Branded Messages on WhatsApp

With the release of WhatsApp business on iOS, now business can reach audiences while using their apple products. Businesses can created a verified brand profile with a phone number, business address, and email address. In addition, WhatsApp has sections for links, documents, and other types of media. As is usual with WhatsApp, the app also has end-to-end encryption for messaging. In essence: your message is encrypted while it’s being sent, making it very difficult for it to be intercepted and read. This is excellent for sensitive and personal information.

Users will be able to choose whether they receive messages from businesses through a prompt. Their messages are sent through the normal WhatsApp app. Users will also be able to opt-out from the exchange with each message sent to them.

Jennifer Videtta on MarTech Today reports that “businesses can access message statistics and send satisfaction surveys or requests for business reviews to select users. Labels are available for grouping contacts for future communications.” In addition, businesses will be able to create “quick” replies within the app. These messages will offer responses to frequently asked questions, and can include videos or photos within the messages. 

Messaging App Popularity and Why Users Subscribe to Brand Messaging

My first thought upon hearing this news was, “How popular is WhatsApp, again?” The answer is very! Thankfully, eMarketer has some fantastic data graphs on how just how popular.

This chart shows that about 51% of smartphone owners use some form of messaging or chat app on their phone.

This chart shows that only 8% of respondents have interest in using WhatsApp to engage with brands. However, I’d argue that many individuals have no interest at all in interacting with brands on their social and messaging apps. For example, the Facebook number shows 37% of users do want to interact. However, it also shows that 63% of individuals on Facebook Messenger don’t want to interact with brands. It’s important to keep in mind that the 8% will therefore be users actually interested in interacting, meaning that they’re a higher quality lead in this regard.

eMarketer shows that incentives and coupons are typically the reasons individuals subscribe to a brand’s mobile messaging. Just behind it are for loyalty points, and behind that info on products. Many users want the best deals and acquire savings so this statistic makes a lot of sense.

Finally, it’s important to remember that users will insatiably unsubscribe from your messaging. However, there are strategies to keep in mind to avoid this. The top reason for unsubscribing was too many messages at 57%. Then there is a tie for irrelevant messages or a lack of brand reference at 44%. What does this mean? Make sure your messages aren’t flooding your customers, and be sure that your content is relevant and high quality.

Check out our next episode where we’ll discuss a news article covering the Retention stage of The Buyer’s Journey.

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