Walmart’s Mobile Baby Registry Redesign with Chatbots! – The Buyer’s Journey 29

Walmart is redesigning its baby registry feature on the Walmart mobile app with new chatbot features to help auto-generate your list. Today we discuss the rise of auto-generated suggestion features and how this move tries to counter the Amazon effect.

The Purchase Stage: A Refresher

The purchase stage of The Buyer’s Journey is easiest to explain. To simply put it, the Purchase Stage is when your customer purchases your product or service. But just because this is the center of the stage doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that matters. For example: how is a customer purchasing your product? What does your product’s packaging look like? If you offer a service, what does the online portal look like? On what device? These are all things that matter during the purchase stage. 

Branded Messages on WhatsApp

Walmart’s redesigned registry is . Soon-to-be parents will be able to answer a few questions to a chatbot, such as their due date, the gender of the baby, and what kind of theme they want their baby’s room to have. Then, the chatbot will auto-populate a list with recommended products.

“Long gone are the days when creating a baby registry meant walking around the store with a scanner in hand,” said Ashlee Neuman, deputy editor for the Bump, to Digiday in an emailNeuman also reported on multiple surveys that reported “nearly a third of respondents are turning to Amazon to create wedding registries or buy baby products.”

In the podcast, Len explains his thoughts on baby registries. Specifically, Len says that he believes there will still be a want by parents to look at the items their children will be interacting with. While I think he has a fair point, I also mention that for buying in bulk, online registries have significant advantages. Specifically, the price of bulk items being shipped might be cheaper.

Check out our next episode where we’ll discuss a news article covering the Retention stage of The Buyer’s Journey.

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