Trustpilot: Brand Confidence and Transparency in the Consideration Stage – The Buyer’s Journey 03

Trust is an important aspect of any purchase. So, trust us to explain all about the Consideration stage of The Buyer’s Journey, where brand confidence can be the key between a successful conversion and a wasted opportunity. The team also discusses Trustpilot giving more transparency to users when reading business reviews.

What is the Consideration Stage?

The Consideration Stage is the second stage of The Buyer’s Journey and involves two main components: researching a brand’s product and choosing where to buy that product.

The Research

The research of a product can come in many forms: from reading content on a seller’s blog, reading a review, watching an influencer’s video, and getting a recommendation from a friend. Anyway you could imagine someone trying to gain information about a product falls in this category. The focus isn’t just on product specifications, however, as a brand’s trustworthiness, quality, and other factors come into play.

The Other Factors

Choosing where to buy the product comes last. Most products can be purchases in a variety of places whether it’s in-store or online. What influences the final decisions here is often shipping costs, rebates, warranties, etc.

Audience Profile

Here’s an example audience profile of the Consideration phase:

Jenna is a 24 year old who is about to move into her first apartment in Philadelphia. Because she’ll be moving out of her parent’s house soon, she’s in need of a vacuum to keep her new place tidy. Last episode we explained how Jenna became aware of her need for a vacuum, and how she became aware of the Byson vacuum brand by seeing various ads on her social media feeds.

Now, Jenna wants to learn more about Byson vacuums. So, she decides to Google “Byson vacuums”. At the top of the search page she sees a Google Ad Words ad for Byson. She clicks it and is led to a landing page with information about the various vacuums Byson provides. She reads each vacuum’s specifics and finds a few models she’s interested in.

Jenna likes what she sees, but she still wants more info. First, she posts a tweet on Twitter asking for vacuum recommendations.

While she’s waiting for responses, Jenna goes on YouTube and searches for reviews of the vacuums she’s interested in. She finds a variety of influencers offering reviews of the different models and watches each video attentively. This helps narrow down her decision.

Jenna then checks each vacuum on Amazon for pricing and reviews. The different reviews help her narrow down her choices to two models.

Jenna checks Twitter, again, and her friend Kevin, from our first episode, has tweeted back about how amazing the Byson vacuum he got was. Low and behold, that was one of the two models she was looking at! Satisfied she was making a good decision, Jenna decides to try and find the best price.

Jenna checks Walmart, Target, Amazon, and even Byson’s own website to compare prices. Finally, she decides her Amazon Prime free two-day shipping is the best deal and goes to place her order. Now, Jenna is in the purchase phase.

Trustpilot and the Emphasis on Transparency

Anthony Ha on TechCrunch wrote about Trustpilot’s latest attempt to increase transparency on the platform. The review site had a small minority of businesses fraudulently flagging reviews to try and get them removed. This, of course, is an incredibly bad idea. As the team discussed on the podcast, you shouldn’t flag negative reviews. You should do your best to respond to the issue appropriately. After all, having only 5 star reviews is more suspicious than having a mixed bag.

Trustpilots solution? Make the flagging transparent. Now, users will be able to see how many times a company has flagged a review. Users can also see how many reports were actually removed, and how many were kept despite being flagged. In theory this will show who is doing mass flagging and on which reviews. Then, users can make their own decisions about the businesses taking part in this fraudulent practice.

Check out our next episode tomorrow where we’ll discuss the ins-and-outs of the Purchase stage of The Buyer’s Journey.

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