eMarketer’s US Snapchat Growth 2019 Forecast Gets Cut! – The Buyer’s Journey 30

eMarketer is revising their Snapchat growth forecast for 2019, saying that Snap will actually lose users for the first time this year. But is this the end for Snapchat? Absolutely not.

The Retention Stage: A Refresher

The Retention stage of The Buyer’s Journey focuses on maintaining relationships with your current customers and clients. Ideally, your clients will be so happy with their experience that they’ll make another purchase from you. But clients and customers don’t always do this without a little push. There are specific tactics that are particularly effective during the Retention stage. One of the biggest tools is email marketing campaigns.

The Growth Forecast

eMarketer is announcing a cut to their Snapchat 2018 Growth Report. Here’s an excerpt of some numbers eMarketer is basing their report on: “In 2019, Snapchat will have 77.5 million monthly US users, down 2.8% from last year. This represents a significantly lower projection than eMarketer expected in its Q3 2018 forecast, which anticipated 6.6% growth to 90.4 million monthly US users this year.”

eMarkter says that the drop in users is due in part to the dislike and backlash to the recent Snapchat redesign. That’s not the only factor, however. “Increased competition from new and existing social platforms is partly to blame for Snapchat’s decline,” said eMarketer senior analyst Jasmine Enberg in the report. 

As we discussed earlier in the week, this drop in users isn’t a death knell. In fact, eMarketer agrees with us that the recent announcement made at their Partners Summit is a good for diversifying Snap’s portfolio. Snap might be losing users and having difficulty gaining more. However, their integration with other apps will certainly get more eyes on Snap’s product. Therefore, potentially more app downloads. In addition, the amount of time spent on Snapchat will likely increase with the inclusion of in-app games.

Check out our next episode where we’ll discuss a news article covering the Purchase stage of The Buyer’s Journey.

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