Amazon’s Fake Review Problem: What You Probably Don’t Know – The Buyer’s Journey 31

Amazon has a fake review problem, but most consumers have no idea. On today’s episode we breakdown the crux of the issue and what to keep an eye out for.

The Advocacy Stage: A Refresher

The Advocacy stage of The Buyer’s Journey focuses on your former and current clients/customers advocating for your brand. This advocacy can come in many forms. These forms include reviews on Amazon and Google and word-of-mouth between friends and families. Positive comments on social media can also be particularly effective. The Advocacy stage also encapsulates influencer marketing. While an influencers do receive compensation for positive comments from your brand, it’s still positive advocacy.

Advocacy can also include negative comments. As we mentioned in our Consideration episode, bad reviews are fantastic opportunities to make a situation right. While you can’t solve every problem, even just acknowledgement of an issue can be enough to strengthen brand strength. It’s okay to have a few scars.

The Fake Review Problem

Greg Sterling on Marketing Land wrote a fantastic piece on Amazon’s fake review problem in December 2018. Here’s a few quick notes from that piece before diving into today’s topic:

  • There were four main categories where fraudulent or paid reviews outweighed real reviews, with ten total categories within those four.
  • Electronics (61%),  Beauty (63%), Sneakers (59%), Supplements (64%).

Sterling’s latest piece focuses on today’s show topic, how most people don’t know about Amazon’s fake review problem. Specifically, new consumer survey data from CPC Strategy shows that 75% of respondents fully trusted (17%) or most trusted (58%) Amazon reviews.

41% of respondents listed price as the major factor when considering a purchase on Amazon, but 16% pointed to the number of reviews of a product.

In our show we discuss the implications of this problem and compare Amazon’s review system with that of eBay.

Check out our next episode where we’ll discuss a news article covering the Awareness stage of The Buyer’s Journey.

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