Pinterest’s New Conversion Features – The Buyer’s Journey 38

Pinterest is adding new conversion features to make running campaigns on its platform even easier. What do they do and how do they work? We discuss on today’s show!

The Consideration Stage: A Refresher

The Consideration Stage is the second stage of The Buyer’s Journey. It involves two main components: researching a brand’s product and choosing where to buy that product. This then leads customer’s into the Purchase phase.

Visual Search Success

Pinterest is adding new conversion features to their ad campaigns, according to a blog post. The first feature is conversion optimization. Conversion optimization optimizes Promoted Pins for specific consumer actions, instead of just clicks. This can encourage pinners to perform online checkouts, increase signups, and generate stronger leads.

Pinterest Conversion Image Example Showing a Metaphorical Example of How the New Conversion Features Can Assist An Advertiser Reach Point A to Point B using the Ad Platform

“Conversion optimization really allowed us to structure the campaign in a way that was aligned closely with our ultimate goals for Gravity Blankets,” says Michael Choi, Account Manager at Agency Within. “We tried out a few different kinds of creative, targeted different keywords and interests, and learned what worked best before we jumped in with both feet. We’re amazed at the results we’ve seen in just a few months.” Pinterest also points out that Gravity Blankets achieved a 2x increase in sales and 58% lower cost per acquisition using conversion optimization.

Pinterest is also changing their video ads for conversion optimization. According to the blog, “[p]romoted Video for ‘conversions’ goals will click into a landing page that houses the advertiser’s website, as well as a closeup of the video. Promoted Video has proven to be a powerful format to drive these objectives as it uses sight, sound and motion to demonstrate product features and benefits.”

Check out our next episode where we’ll discuss a news article covering the Purchase stage of The Buyer’s Journey.

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