Pet Owners: Retailer’s Newest Customer Focus – The Buyer’s Journey 54

Retailers are looking to woo pet owners as millennials outpace boomers in pet ownership. What are the big box stores doing? We discuss!

The Purchase Stage: A Refresher

The purchase stage of The Buyer’s Journey is easiest to explain. To simply put it, the Purchase Stage is when your customer purchases your product or service. But just because this is the center of the stage doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that matters. For example: how is a customer purchasing your product? What does your product’s packaging look like? If you offer a service, what does the online portal look like? On what device? These are all things that matter during the purchase stage. 

What’s New Pussycat?

Specialty stores are slowly becoming a thing of the past as shoppers begin moving towards more traditional retailers. Because of this, many retailers like Walmart and Target are working on ways to capture this audience. Walmart currently has 21 veterinary clinics in stores and will be adding 79 more to stores over the next year. Target, on the other hand, is offering new products from Bark in-store, and products from Petco through its Shipt service. 

Anna Hensel on Digiday shares some great states on millennial pet owners:

  • For the first time, millennial pet owners surpassed baby boomer pet owners for the first time in 2017, according to the American Pet Products Association.
  • According to a survey from market research institute GFK, more millennial pet owners actually turn to grocery stores instead of PetSmart and Petco to buy their pet food.

Josh and I discuss on the show that these moves help diversify the portfolio of these brands in the face of the Amazon Effect. Unless Amazon makes major changes, they can’t offer vet services nor in-store exclusive items. For Walmart in particular, this gives the opportunity to become even more of a one-stop shop.

Check out our next episode where we’ll discuss a news article covering the Retention stage of The Buyer’s Journey.

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