Walmart’s Earning’s Report And The Fight Against The Amazon Effect- The Buyer’s Journey 58

Walmart’s earnings report is here and there’s some great results in the fight against the Amazon Effect. We discuss those areas in today’s show!

Walmart’s Earnings Report

Anna Hansel on Digiday reports that sales have grown 37 percent year-over-year for Walmart according to its earning’s report last week. The retail giant says the 37% “reflects strong growth in online grocery, as well as the Home and Fashion categories on”

“We’re changing to enable more innovation, speed and productivity, and we’re seeing it in our results. We’re especially pleased with the combination of comparable sales growth from stores and eCommerce in the U.S. Our team is demonstrating an ability to serve customers today while building new capabilities for the future, and I want to thank them for a strong start to the year,” Doug McMillon, President and CEO, Walmart says in the report.

Here are a couple more interesting bullet points from Walmart’s earnings report regarding Q1 2019:

  • Launched free NextDay delivery from with plans to reach 75% of U.S. population by year’s end
  • Introduced Walmart Voice Order, initially through the Google Assistant, to make basket building for online
    grocery orders even easier
  • Launched new Intelligent Retail Lab in a live shopping environment to help unlock the possibilities of Artificial
  • Hansel reports that Walmart is “now on track to enable grocery pickup at 3,100 stores at the end of the year, and grocery delivery at 1,600 stores.

What Does It Mean

As we’ve discussed previously in the show, Walmart is branching out into new avenues to fight the Amazon Effect. In their earnings report we can see how successful these ventures have been, specifically regarding e-commerce. While Amazon is expected to deliver 1-Day shipping soon, Walmart is just as primed. In addition, Walmart as the advantage of offering in-store pickup, something Amazon cannot do. As we discussed last week, the in-store additions of veterinary services continues to strengthen Walmart as a one-stop shop.

Check out our next episode where we’ll discuss a news article covering the Purchase stage of The Buyer’s Journey.

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