Getting Customer And Client Feedback In The Advocacy Stage – The Buyer’s Journey 06

In today’s episode we’re making screaming fans out of customers! Len, Josh, and Matt discuss Advocacy, the final stage in The Buyer’s Journey. Plus, the team reacts to a new study showing that only 1% of customers give feedback after a product or service purchase.

What is the Advocacy Stage?

The Advocacy stage of The Buyer’s Journey is focused on your former and current clients/customers advocating for your brand. This can come in many forms included but not limited to reviews on Amazon and Google, word-of-mouth between friends and families, positive comments and social media, etc. The Advocacy stage also encapsulates influencer marketing. While an influencer is normally compensated for positive comments from your brand, it’s still positive advocacy.

Advocacy can also include negative comments. As we mentioned in our Consideration episode, bad reviews are fantastic opportunities to make a situation right. While you can’t solve every problem, even just acknowledgement of an issue can be enough to strengthen brand strength. It’s okay to have a few scars.

Audience Profile

Here’s an example audience profile of the Advocacy phase:

Jenna is a 24 year old who has finally moved into her first apartment in Philadelphia. Before moving, Jenna purchased a Byson vacuum on Amazon to keep her apartment tidy, and even signed up for their newsletter. One day, Jenna receives an e-mail from Amazon asking her to rate her vacuum purchase. Jenna, being generally satisfied, gives the vacuum a positive review that explains her experiences with the vacuum. Months pass, and Jenna hasn’t thought of vacuum except for general tidying or if there’s a mess that needs cleaning. It’s Springtime now, however, and some of Jenna’s friends are planning big spring cleaning days for their own apartments. Jenna decides to take part, even going so far as to post a before and after picture to her Instagram, plus a picture of her cleaning supplies including her Byson vacuum. Later that night, Jenna receives a text message from her friend Daryl complimenting her cleaning skills, and asking her for her opinion on the cleaning supplies she’s using. Jenna tells Daryl about the Byson vacuum, it’s pros and cons, and is quite positive about its use. Daryl thanks her and says he’ll definitely take a look at a Byson in the future.  

Less Than 1% of Customers Leave Feedback For Businesses

Matt Southern on SearchEngineJournal reports on a new study showing that brands hear from less than 1% of their customers. Southern writes that often the process for leaving feedback can be clunky and time consuming, which can sour a customer to leaving their feedback. In our discussion, we acknowledged that many businesses don’t do advocacy particularly well. In fact, making the process as easy, and the least confusing, as possible is ideal. You should respect the time of someone going out of their way to advocate for your brand.

Regarding platforms for feedback, Southern writes that the research showed, “51% of consumers expect companies to ask them for feedback across the following channels: email, phone, in-store, online, in-app.” In addition, 64% of customers would prefer to give in-app feedback with 98% of respondents saying they would likely give in-app feedback if asked. 

In web development, ensuring a user interface (U.I.) is sensible, easy to use, and (relatively) non-intrusive is important. This can ensure your users find what they need, and help them say on the site longer without bouncing away. In that same vein, ensuring that your in-app feedback is easy for a client/customer to fill out is important. Sometimes even a single additional click can cause someone to bounce away form offering feedback. Annoying pop-ups, bouncing icons, etc. can further exacerbate the issue.

Make sure you put thought in the way you ask for feedback from clients/customers. And when a bad review does come through, don’t panic. Respond professionally, and if possible, try and solve the problem.

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