10 Million Items Now Available For Amazon One-Day Shipping – The Buyer’s Journey 66

Amazon has announced that 10 million items are now available for Amazon Prime One-Day shipping! How are Walmart and Target keeping up? We discuss!

A Shipping Label is Worth 10 Million Products

During Amazon’s earning’s call, the e-commerce giant put a lot of emphasis on their investment into one-day shipping infrastructure. We’re beginning to see the fruits of that labor with the announcement that 10 million products are now eligible for one-day shipping for Prime members.

This comes only a month after Walmart’s dig at Amazon following Amazon’s earning’s call.

Sarah Perez on Tech Crunch points out that Walmart’s one-day shipping offering is a lot smaller. At the moment, “only 200,000 of its most popular items are available for next-day”. Perez also gives insight into Target Restock, “a similar offering with 35,000 items available — largely focused on household replenishment.”

On their blog, Amazon says they’ve, “strategically grown our network in the U.S. to include 110 fulfillment centers, 40 package sortation centers, 100 delivery stations, and 20 air gateways all to be closer to our customers. This allows Amazon to work smarter based on decades of process improvement and innovation, and to deliver orders faster and more efficiently.” They also added that “Prime Free One Day is already 10 times larger than the original two-day offering launched in 2005.”

As we’ve said before, I don’t think this e-commerce dominance by Amazon is unbeatable. Amazon one-day shipping isn’t the end-all-be-all. Walmart and Target have the advantage of having physical locations. That enables things like same-day pickup for many items and flexibility for one-day shipping. In addition, Walmart has been angling far more into a “one-stop-shop” kind of store. Amazon simply cannot compete with that (yet).

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