New Coke is Back! Thank Stranger Things Season 3! – The Buyer’s Journey 67

The widely panned New Coke is back for a limited time thanks to a promotion with Stranger Things Season 3! We discuss how the beverage was given new life for a marketing campaign in today’s episode.

New Coke: The Ressurection

New Coke is back! If you were someone who was alive in 1985 (unlike myself) then you might be familiar with why this is significant (or just, you know, cool). In 1985 Coke decided to re-brand, and retool, the classic Coke formula, hence: New Coke.

Unfortunately, the new formula faced significantly backlash! Fans didn’t like the new taste and they didn’t like that their favorite drink had changed. Shortly after the backlash the original Coke formula was brought back and the new formula eventually faded away.

But now it’s back. John Coblin on the New York Times had an opportunity to speak with the team behind Stranger Things Season 3 to find out how this promotion came to be.  Barry Smyth, Netflix’s head of partnership marketing, told Coblin that the the idea first came up during a meeting in 2017 between the show’s creators and Netflix executives. “We asked the question, ‘What would really blow it out of the water for this campaign?’” Mr. Smyth recalled. “They jokingly said, ‘Bring back New Coke.’ They thought it was a joke. We took it as a brief.”

If you’re looking to score some of the beverage, you check out Coke’s website here. Below you can find an image of the appropriately Stranger Things themed web page:

New Coke's listing on Coke's online store with appropriately Stranger Things 3 themed aesthetics.

Coke says that they’re only making 500,000 available, so get it while you can.

Check out our next episode where we’ll discuss a news article covering the Retention stage of The Buyer’s Journey.

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