Facebook’s Video Creation Kit Gets New Features! – The Buyer’s Journey 69

Facebook’s Video Creation kit is getting new features that make resizing videos into multiple formats even easier, plus new saving and sticker options!

What’s an Aspect Ratio?

Facebook video ads are incredibly popular and effective. While any form of video advertising is a step up from having none, not all video is made equal. In particular, Facebook likes video that isn’t the typical 16:9 aspect ratio.

An aspect ratio is ratio between the length and width of an image or screen, in this case video.

The 16:9 aspect ratio is the normal ratio of programs you seen on TV, YouTube, and other places on the internet. If you’re watching HD (1280×720) or Full HD video (1920×1080) those resolutions are 16:9. That means the video is wider than it is tall.

Facebook and Instagram, however, prefer other aspect ratios given their very visual natures. Many people are familiar with the square aspect ratio (1:1) that characterizes Instagram. This ratio, along with 4:5, are most effective on Instagram. However, not everyone knows about the effectiveness of vertical video on Facebook.

Facebook is happy with 1:1, 4:5, and 9:16 aspect ratios, as those work the best on mobile phones. In particular, it makes it easy to digest the video content without having a user tilt their screen. Of those aspect ratios, we find that 4:5 tends to work the best, with 9:16 also being effective.

All Kitted Up

Facebook’s updates to the Facebook Video Creation Kit allow you to upload one video and create multiple different versions at the aspect ratios you need.

On it’s blog, Facebook says, “You’ll save time and create video ads that appear customized for each placement, without having to shoot additional content or edit manually.” You’ll also be able to add stickers and headlines to the videos.

Search Engine Land’s Amy Gesenhues has an image below of drafting and publishing videos, as well.

While this certainly cuts into my job a bit, it’s always good to see Facebook making tools easier and more accessible for marketers. Video is incredibly popular and effective on Facebook and marketers definitely should be jumping in and taking full advantage.

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