LinkedIn Live And The Power Of Video – The Buyer’s Journey 07

In today’s episode Len, Matt, and Josh discuss LinkedIn’s brand new video broadcasting/live streaming platform called LinkedIn Live.

What is the Awareness Stage?

The Awareness Stage is the first stage in The Buyer’s Journey. During the Awareness stage, a prospective customer realizes they have a need or are made aware of a problem.

LinkedIn Live

Ingrid Lunden on TechCrunch wrote a piece on the 600 Million global user social network of LinkedIn and how they have taken the next step in the medium with live video streaming. In summary, LinkedIn has rolled out an invite-only beta called “LinkedIn Live”. The goal of this service is to cover conferences, product announcements, and Q&A’s. In addition, LinkedIn Live will cover other events led by influencers, mentors, office hours from big tech companies, earning calls, graduation/award ceremonies and much more. There has been no confirmation on availability for all users, but it is expected to be rolled out in shortly.

Video has become the fastest growing format of content on most platforms. LinkedIn has seen it blossom alongside written work, shared news, and other types of content. LinkedIn has seen a big boost in traffic and revenue from non-live video on their platform. On average video ads have 30% more comments per impressions than non-video ads. Plus, users spend almost three times more time watching compared to static ads. Pete Davis, the director of product management at LinkedIn commented on the growing medium, “Video is the fastest growing format on our platform right now, and the one most likely to get people talking”. LinkedIn said several third-party developers will work with creators to make polished video. These developers include Wirecast, Switcher Studio, Wowza Media Systems, Socialive, and Brandlive.

Live video has made its mark as a pivotal model for your brand awareness. Other live video platforms, such as Facebook Live, see a huge jump in organic engagement compared to regular organic video. It helps build community, saves you money, strengthens your social media presence with a personal touch, and helps you reach a younger audience that thrives on staying glued to their phones and being attracted to a live stream.

Check out our next episode tomorrow where we’ll discuss a news article covering the Consideration stage of The Buyer’s Journey.

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