Google Core Algorithm Update: The First Numbers – The Buyer’s Journey 70

A new Google core algorithm update is rolling out this month and we’ve got numbers on the initial effects of the changes.

Google’s Core Algorithm Update

Earlier this month Google pre-announced a new core algorithm update. This is a big change, as typically Google doesn’t give notice on core algorithm updates.

Google releases core algorithm updates a few times a year and these changes typically have a big effect on search results. While the rollout of the latest update is still happening, Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Land has some early numbers to dig into. 

Schwartz shares a blog post from Sistrix showing some of the changes from just one day’s time.

Steve Paine from Sistrix tells Search Engine Land, “We are seeing many YMYL websites but there are also classical news sites, retail and many others. It appears that this Google Core Update is broader than the last updates. Importantly, there are significant changes after just 24 hours which means we can expect more as the week goes on.”

Rank Ranger also has a breakdown of different industries and their ranking volatility (chart below). It’s important to keep in mind that the increase in percentage indicates an unstable ranking. In effect, this is how often a ranking position is being changed.

We’ll be keeping an eye on algorithm changes in the coming weeks. Google’s Gary Illyes revealed that core algorithm updates can take multiple weeks to fully roll out, so it’s clear we won’t know the full effect of this update for a short while.

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