The IKEA Catalog Is Expanding Its Iconic Print Listings to Pinterest – The Buyer’s Journey 73

The IKEA catalog is moving from print to the digital realm on Pinterest. How successful has this move been, and what’s next for the Swedish brand? We discuss!

The IKEA Catalog’s Big Move

According to Hilary Milnes on Digiday, IKEA is transition its print catalog to Pinterest. The IKEA catalog, running at 200 pages at times, is iconic for the brand. However, it wasn’t without it faults. The new move aims to give the catalog somewhere it can truly live other than on IKEA’s own website.

Milnes spoke to IKEA media project manager Kerri Longarzo who said, “We didn’t want to just copy and paste — we already have a digital catalog online,” said Longarzo. “But promotions in the past felt a little stale. We were running out of ways to show the catalog to people online, so we sought out something different.”

Furthermore, the digitization of the catalog with hit Pinterest’s core demographics: DIYer’s, how-to-ers, and customizers. IKEA worked with agency Wavemaker and Pinterest’s creative and strategic teams. Together they created a questionnaire that users would fill out. The questionnaire focused on  what users were shopping for, preferred furniture styles, and other insights into their personal tastes. Then, Pinterest would either auto-generate a board of suggested products, or allow the user to scroll through the catalog and create their own board. All product pins linked back to IKEA’s own site. 

Longarzo told Digiday that 25,000 Pinterest boards have been created using the tool. In addition, the questionnaire had a 4% completion rate. Overall, Milnes writes, the Ikea team measured the response to the Pinterest catalog through engagement as well as conversion to the product pages.

In Closing

As we discuss in today’s episode, Len and I think this is an amazing move to digital. Pinterest is a platform we’ve been keeping tabs on for a while and seeing how they’ve maneuvered themselves for businesses has been amazing. We’re looking forward to seeing how Pinterest grows in the future as it continues to compete and excel against the other big social platforms.

Check out our next episode where we’ll discuss a news article covering the Awareness stage of The Buyer’s Journey.

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