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The Buyer’s Journey: Where And How To Spend Your Digital Marketing Budget

If you’ve listened to the last two podcasts, you should understand the necessity of and the budget you need for effective digital marketing. But there’s still the question of where and how that money is spent to reach your potential clients.

The Buyer’s Journey, the namesake of our podcast, is the ultimate guide to understanding the process your potential clients and customers undertake in becoming your actual clients and customers. This process gives a better understanding of what you need to be doing and where with your digital marketing.

The Buyer’s Journey begins with the awareness stage, this is the period where the individual begins to become aware of a problem that you may be able to solve. At this stage, making sure your brand is visible on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where a potential client is spending a lot of time, is important.

Next, is the consideration stage. This is where the potential client has begun searching Google for answers to questions that are related to your line of work (making search engine optimization and pay-per-click campaigns important) and looking for reviews of your business and your competition.

After the consideration stage comes the purchase stage. This usually comes after an individual has done some digging and has shown some interest in your website. Retargeting becomes super important here and so does making sure your business stands out from the crowd with a powerful value proposition, also know as your “purple cow”. At this point, you want to remind your potential clients you’re there, let them know what you offer that makes you stand apart, and nudge them toward using your services.

If your potential client has pulled the trigger, purchased your product or services, and become an actual client, the next phase is called the retention stage. At this point, you want to make sure that your business stays in touch and stays visible with your client so that they recommend you to friends or use your services again.

Last, there is the advocacy stage. This stage falls more heavily on you and your team and requires you reaching out to clients for reviews, which will help you in the future as other clients move through the Buyer’s Journey.

If you’re interested in a more detailed look at the Buyer’s Journey and the platforms that you need to be visible on, listen to our podcast!

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