The Commexis Team Predicts Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

The Commexis Team Predicts Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

We’re on the cusp of the new year and Commexis surveyed our employee experts to get their predictions in digital marketing trends for 2017. Their responses ran the gamut from SEO to content marketing to design.

Before you pop the cork on 2016, read on to see what our experts had to say.

Amy: Be prepared to embrace new ideas and changes with your SEO Campaign. The coveted first page of Google has seen a lot of changes in 2016, and it doesn’t seem that those changes will be stopping anytime soon. Expect ranking on the first page of Google to get even more competitive and don’t be surprised if the amount of actual local businesses ranking among the search results on the first page shrink. Quality content that focuses on answering important questions related to your business, and user-friendly websites will be key to a successful SEO campaign.

Rebekah: I believe that live video is going to grow and be one of the more popular platforms especially with Instagram Live being released. I also think that Instagram and Facebook are going to continue to give Snapchat a run for its money.

Adam: My prediction is that interactive content will be more common as sites start to blend together and feel the same, the ones that can introduce add-on applications and plugins will make them stand out from the crowd.

Phillip: The line between advertising and content will continue to blur as native advertising becomes a more entrenched methodology not only online but in traditional media as well.
It’s already happening. My family DVR’d Disney’s Frozen on ABC shortly before Christmas and retail giant Target produced a high-production-value commercial starring John Legend and Chrissy Teigen that was essentially its own holiday special serialized during the commercial breaks. Not only did the commercials feature big name stars in Legend and his wife Teigen, they also featured toys from some of the more popular brands, whom I’m guessing paid a premium to be included.

Anthony: There is going to be more time spent on conceptualizing messaging that hits home to visitors on sites than just creating something pretty and easy. Creative is going back to where it was – focusing on conception rather than design, which has been lacking in recent years, especially in the digital space.

Melissa: The popularity for live content will continue to rise, causing brands to embrace live video and livestreaming as marketing tools in their branding and social media strategies. Companies will need to create concise yet on-brand content and stay focused on their unique voice in this competitive and fast-paced market. The focus on real-time messaging will cause customers’ attention spans to decline even further, making personalization a key strategy for companies. With this, I also predict that development and refinement of messaging tools and apps will be a focus and become an integral communication tactic, allowing for distribution of personalized content directly to customers.

Commexis wishes all of you a prosperous new year!

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