The Growth of Google Reviews Is a Boon for Digital Marketers

The Growth of Google Reviews Is a Boon for Digital Marketers

Reviews. Everybody wants them, but very few want to go through the hassle of getting them. We get it. People seem to be much more likely to give negative reviews when they are upset than they are to give positive reviews when they are happy with something. Their minds have moved on after their transaction is completed with your business, and the last thing they are thinking about is taking a few minutes to write you a nice review. When we can’t rely on satisfied clients to openly review us on their own accord, we must ask them for reviews which can be time-consuming work. You can also ask an awful lot of people for reviews before anyone steps forward to gives you one, too.

At times it may feel like you are wasting time asking clients for reviews, but is it worth the hassle?  Absolutely!  And SEOs are certain that reviews will continue to remain relevant for the near future. Need more convincing than just my word?  Here are a few things to consider with regards to obtaining reviews for your business:

  1. Google Is Already Paying Attention to Reviews – While Google may not be ranking you and your competitors based on who has the best reviews all-around, they are certainly paying attention to the amount of reviews that you have on both Google and other relevant review sites. Google knows that searchers look to reviews for guidance, and they are factoring into your rankings at least a little bit. Want to improve your rankings? Consider getting more reviews.
  2. Your Potential Clients Are Paying Attention to Reviews – Google users do not just assume that the top-ranking business listing on a page is the best business to meet their needs. Odds are that they are going to do a little research between several high-ranking businesses to help make their decision on who to hire. They want proof that your business is the right business for them. What better proof than reviews from customers who have already dealt with your business? Let your former clients assure your future clients that you are awesome at what you do.
  3. Google Is Already Showing You The Potential Of Their Review Platform Through Hotel Reviews – The future may already be now! Do yourself a favor and use your phone to look up the Google listing for a hotel near you (or a famous one that you know the name and location of). Under their listing click “View All Reviews.” You should see an overall star rating of that hotel at the top of the screen and you should also see ratings based on people who stayed in that hotel with families, as couples, solo or for business below.

Google knows that what works for one person may not suit everyone. A family-friendly hotel may be a huge turn off to a couple looking for a romantic weekend. While a family that stayed at the hotel might leave a glowing review, a couple might leave a less stellar review since the hotel didn’t meet their needs. Therefore, Google is providing you with multiple viewpoints to help you understand if the hotel you are researching will meet your needs. Going with your family?  This hotel is great!  Going for a relaxing and romantic getaway?  You might want to consider a different option.

Consider this advanced review system as it might apply to your business in the future. How might Google look at the demographics related to restaurants, store fronts, doctors and home repair professionals?  Or, will Google be able to look at some basic information about a searcher and give them star ratings and reviews based on reviewers similar to themselves?  In other words, would a 30-something female see a different star rating than a 50 something male based on the fact that a product might be more suited to one person over the other?  This article from Search Engine Land delves much deeper into these possibilities with search and reviews in the future.

The essential point is this: reviews are important now and they will remain important for the near future. Even a handful of quality reviews can do a lot to boost confidence in your business for both Google and your potential clients. So, don’t give up the good fight to get reviews from your satisfied clients. And don’t be afraid to ask your digital marketing agency for help, too!

Amy Leach is Commexis’ SEO project manager. She has a BFA from Rowan University with minors in music and art history.

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