Time Saving Social Media Tips for Business Owners

Time Saving Social Media Tips for Business Owners

Social media has easily become a key marketing tool in the past couple of years. However, it can take up a huge chunk of your time and you can fall down the proverbial rabbit hole and wonder where all of your time went. As a busy business owner, there are usually more pressing items to focus on and accomplish throughout the day.

Here are a few time-saving social media tips:

Focus on a Few Channels, Not All

With a number of social media channels out there it can not only be time-consuming with the managing but it can also become overwhelming. To save time and reduce your stress levels, focus on two to three platforms. What platforms should you choose? Choose the platforms that your customers seem to be using the most and the ones that relate the most to your industry. For example, if your customers or clients are also other busy business owners, you may want to spend time cultivating relationships on LinkedIn.

Use Social Media Management Tools

Logging into each social media network and creating real-time posts can be quite tedious. There are multiple tools out there, such as Hootsuite or Buffer, where you can manage all of your social media accounts in one place. Not only can you see each feed side by side and engage with customers, but a social media management tool allows you to schedule posts in advance as well. You can go in on a Monday or Friday morning, set up posts for the entire week, and not worry about coming up with content until the following Monday or Friday.

Create a Content Schedule

To go along with the management tools, at the beginning of the week or month come up with a content schedule which would include the topics you and your team want to focus on during that specific time. The benefits of creating a social media content schedule include the ability to plan time-sensitive content, it takes away the panic of what to post each day, and enhances consistency all while saving you time.

Curate Content

Constantly researching and writing original content for each social media post can without a doubt take up a lot of time. Sharing the latest industry news and tips from other professionals is okay. You may be asking yourself isn’t sharing other people’s content considered plagiarism? As long as you give credit to the author it is fine. Curating content may also allow you to connect and build relationships with others in your industry.

Social media is going to be around for some time. The value of building your presence and participating on social media cannot be overlooked. These tips will not only help you save time but are also beneficial for your overall marketing strategy.

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