Tip Tuesday: Is Your Business Using a Facebook Pixel for Retargeting?

Tip Tuesday: Is Your Business Using a Facebook Pixel for Retargeting?

Have you ever been on a company’s website and exited that site to browse Facebook, only to find an ad for the company you were just visiting among your friends and your newsfeed? Have you wondered how that ad got there?

It’s is all the work of the Facebook Pixel!

What is a Facebook Pixel?

A Facebook Pixel is a snippet of code placed on the backend of your website. It works with Facebook Ads to assist in measuring, optimizing and building ad audiences through retargeting.

How is a Pixel Created?

A pixel code is generated through a Facebook Ads account. From setup to dictating retargeting strategies, it’s all done through ads manager.

Once your Facebook Ads account is set up, a pixel code can be created. Once added to a website it takes about 24 hours to generate and become active.

What Can a Pixel Target?

Some of the triggers a pixel is capable of targeting are: visits to your website, visits to specific pages, people who haven’t visited your website in a while, email lists, video views and page engagements.

How Big Does Your Audience Have To Be For The Pixel To Work?

Your audience should be at least 20 people. However, the bigger the audience the better the delivery will be.

Why Does Your Business Need Retargeting?

Per Hootsuite, one-third of Facebook users engage with a business’ Facebook page before shopping with them. If your customers are engaging with your content such as liking and commenting on posts, they are able to be targeted with an ad.

Facebook desktop ads have 8.1 percent higher click through rates than normal web ads, showing that Facebook users are showing an interest in what businesses are advertising.

Social advertising budgets have doubled over the past two years: from $16 billion in 2014 to $31 billion in 2016. This means social media advertising continues to grow and your competitors could already be advertising and targeting your customers.

It’s time for you to start and incorporate the Facebook Pixel and  Facebook retargeting into your marketing plan.

Commexis’ Social Media Manager, Rebekah Milsted graduated from Stockton University in 2013 with a BA and Program Distinction in Communications.

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