Trends in Website Design in 2016

Trends in Website Design in 2016

It may seem comical to remember the websites of yesterday with their flashy neon lettering and purely textual interfaces when compared to today’s sophisticated designs. Website designs are an ever-evolving cultural phenomena that are impacted not only by the advances in technology, but also in consumer tastes and reactions to said designs. As smartphones and mobile device searches have expanded, so have changes in website design so that they accommodate smaller screens and different user responses. For now, current designs focus on the layout and the user experience based on the design. Here are some trends we’re seeing in web design in 2016:

Flat Is Out, Material Design Is In

Flat design, which focused on minimalism and a lack of shadows and distracting visual elements on buttons and links has morphed into Material Design that offers some visual aspects, like colorful spots of color, and textural relief. Google introduced the concept of Material Design and included in their Google Calendar app which actually mimics the look of a paper planner. This emphasizes a functional layout with colorful, vivid, green and red areas, not just the flat palette of gray, blue, and black we’ve seen in the past with flat design.

Responsive Web Designs and Layouts Are Required

Instead of buttons and clickable links, responsive web designs may opt for scrollable pages in grid layouts. This makes it much easier for mobile device users to “swipe” instead of trying to click on an item with their thumb. One page scrollable layouts are easier to navigate as well as grid layouts that group items on swipable pages. Responsive web designs are a must for SEO purposes as Google is downgrading sites that are not mobile-friendly and do not follow responsive web design standards.

Immersive Story-Telling Makes a Big Impression

Video is becoming huge in web design, and not just in overall importance. It is often taking up the entire home page of many businesses, in an effort to draw people in with a minimal of menu distractions that are kept partially hidden until selected. A video is a nice way to tell a story that is captivating and can deliver a ton of information in a small amount of time. In addition, it’s easier to digest for people on mobile devices because they only need to play the video to get the message, without scrolling or clicking on links.

Customized Fonts Used for Branding

Designers may have been limited to specific font sets in the past, but today’s website designer can create fonts specific for a website design that can be associated with the unique brand promoted using tools like Adobe’s Project Faces and FontArk. This type of custom lettering on a website is becoming more and more popular. Typography gives a website a unique look and feel, which is always a good thing when it comes to branding. In addition, large fonts draw attention on mobile-friendly designs.

An Emphasis on Visuals 

Not only are videos coming through in high definition due to technological advances, but so are custom graphics. Cinemagraphs, still images that have a small piece that is animated, are also being explored and used to increase visual impact online. They save space downloading, but are hypnotizing in their effect due to the fact that only a small portion of the image is dynamic in nature. Other types of visual effects being explored are background and gradient blending effects on images and fonts.

Designs are Startling and Stunning

Today’s website designs are made specifically to be mobile-friendly and highly functional, while also attempting to draw the visitors in with unique and startling designs that capture the imagination. Whether that is through video, cinemagraphs, imaginative font selections, or other design features, they all work to create an immersive experience unique to the company. As design continues to evolve more structural elements like grids become more flexible and flat designs gain texture and interest all in the name of functionality and that elusive “wow” factor.

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