Want In On The Snapchat Trend? Confused On How To Use It? – Snapchat 101

Want In On The Snapchat Trend? Confused On How To Use It? – Snapchat 101

If you’re part of the social media world, you know that one of the fastest growing programs today is Snapchat. Designed to provide an easy format for talking with friends, the program has still proven to be a bit challenging for many. If you’re one who wants to learn how to use this popular program but still needs a little direction, here is a simple Snapchat 101 to get you communicating with your friends in no time.


To understand Snapchat, you need to first understand the language. The term Snap means sending either a picture or a video to your friends. The pic or video is sent through the Snap App and will disappear after 10 seconds. It can be replayed once. You can also view stories from your friends on Snapchat by swiping left from the main screen, but again it will disappear after 10 seconds or you can view it once if saved.


You can create a Snapchat score by the amount of pics and stories you have sent and received. You can compare scores with your friends to see who has sent and received the most Snaps.


Part of the fun of Snapchat is to manipulate your photos with the use of the apps filters and lenses. These let you change the look of your pics and videos, adding funny looks and animations to dress up the Snap. There are several filters that can be used for special holidays, birthdays, locations or even the time of day. You can also use a filter based on where you are by turning on the location feature of the app. One of the most popular ways to use Snapchat is by taking a selfie and using the filters to add details to your photo.


Snapchat also features a chat section so that you can communicate with friends when you send a Snap, but again the message disappears after 10 seconds or after its been viewed once.


Now that you know the language of Snapchat, the next step is to set up your account. You can set up your account by downloading the App either from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. Once it is downloaded, open the app and tap “Sign up.” Fill out the information requested and then snap a selfie to complete the process. Remember that once you have created a username, the only way to change it is by creating a new account.


There are a few basics that are important to know about running Snapchat. To add friends to your Snapchat, find their Snapcode when they send you a Snap and take a picture of the code. Open the app from the code and tap the ghost icon. When you see “Add Friends,” click on it and select “by Snapcode.” Select the Snapcode from the photo you took and your done. Another quick method of adding a friend is to simply accept a friend request by tapping on the yellow ghost icon and tap Add Me in the profile screen and then confirm by tapping the + sign. After you have created an account, the best way to learn how to use the program is just by experimenting with it to see what you can do.


Snapchat is also a great format for businesses to grow their markets. As one of the fastest growing Social Media programs at the time of this writing, Snapchat has 100 million users each day with over 400 million snaps being traded each day. The Snapchat app is an excellent way for businesses to offer contests and promotions. The average age of Snapchat users is between 18 to 34 years old and businesses are able to reach up to 41 percent of that demographic each day.


Businesses can also use Snapchat for things like providing live event access, sending private content, offering behind the scenes content or to help spread brand awareness by partnering with individuals influencers. The best part about using Snapchat for business is that it works in real time, providing users with up to date and current information as it happens.


As one of the hottest social media platforms available today, this app is a great way for businesses to get their message out. Several businesses have already used Snapchat to promote special events and products, adding interesting filters and graphics to pics of the products to gain more interest from consumers. Snapchat has recently provided a number of business features to help businesses take advantage of the app.

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