Web Design Trends to Look for In 2017

Web Design Trends to Look for In 2017

Each Friday, the Commexis blog features a post from one of our experts about a trending topic in digital marketing. This week, Adam Weaver, our talented designer and developer gives us his web design trends to look for in 2017.

To be competitive in web design, you should be able to do different things with the same tools. Any successful online experience needs to be engaging. We live in the age of bandwidth anxiety, where we’re overwhelmed with data signals of all kinds from all our digital devices.

If you have a website and you want visitors, you are a digital marketer. So, if we all want the same thing how do we make our message stand out? David Ogilvy from Ogilvy on Advertising summarized it best in saying “Unless your campaign contains a big idea, it will pass like ships in the night.”

If the root of your campaign’s messaging contains information people will care about then you’re already halfway there. The other half comes from building a web design that people want to experience, not just tolerate. Generally, if your goal is to communicate a large amount of information, then an interface that doesn’t get in the way where navigation is intuitive is essential to your website. But if your message is simple, make it bold.

What’s Trending?

With 2017 already here, you may be wondering what’s behind modern successful digital marketing trends. Like any form of visual communication, web design is an art form that can be approached from many angles. We see shifts in popular opinion much like what drives the art movements seen throughout all of history. So, while there’s technically no “right” answer for an ideal web design, I’m sure we’ve all seen our share of the wrong answer. That’s why I’d like to focus on the trends rather than trying to present you with a one-size-fits all recipe for a successful website.

Bold, Clean, Concise.

You’ve likely already seen more and more sites with captivating and bold imagery and artful and careful typography.

wacom product page

This is an approach that focuses on communicating a single message in a way that words wouldn’t do it the same justice. We could write all day about why you should buy a product, but the more you feel you have to explain it, the more you’re indicating that the cost needs to be justified. And this approach doesn’t work as well because you’re not letting the product’s message speak for itself in the way that a well-crafted image can. On this note, video can be a great alternative to text if you’re not falling into the verbal pitfall of that same kind of over explanation. If you’ve managed to earn their attention, don’t waste their time once you have it.

nike homepage

Retro Meets Modern

This is a trend that spans outside of web design and is influencing modern illustration and digital artwork. At its essence, it brings the feel-good nostalgia of the 19th century into modern design mediums. In a way, this is the counterculture to the hypermodern design schemes we’ve gone over previously. It takes what’s been tested and true from the age before the internet and brings it back to the surface in its shiny new technological packaging.

retro homepage design

We at Commexis are always trying to stay informed on the latest trends as the digital marketing world evolves. We’re excited to be the ones to provide you with the latest in all aspects of successful branding and marketing strategies. Stay tuned for more of the news that matters to you.

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