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Commexis’ Email Marketing strategies are optimized for your ROI. Minimize your lead cost per acquisition with our data-centric approach to list segmentation.

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Email Marketing for B2B remains a pillar of any effective holistic marketing strategy because it’s an extremely efficient lead generation tool, with among the most efficient cost per acquisition ratio (CPA) of any digital marketing tool at our disposal.

Commexis builds our Email Marketing campaigns with a focus on ROI for the client. Our customized process is tailored to the goals of each campaign, but all our efforts are ultimately aimed at acquiring as many viable leads as possible from each mailing list at the lowest CPA.

Through data analysis, our team can maximize the value you get from your existing lists by segmenting them for maximum efficiency and targeting. Then we use those segments to create messaging that will resonate with that audience.

We’ve engineered email marketing campaigns for companies like Johnson & Johnson, Sinclair Moving and Storage, and the Law Firm of Brown and Connery, just to name a few.

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Case Study: Brown & Connery

The Challenge

The Law Firm of Brown & Connery approached Commexis to come up with an email template that complemented their recent site refresh and redesign.

The Solution

Brown & Connery’s previous site was not mobile responsive. We created a site template that not only properly scales for all mobile devices and browsers, but also works seamlessly with the desktop experience. Now that 56 percent of all emails are opened on a mobile device, it was imperative that our carry this philosophy over to Brown and Connery’s email template as well.

Other features of note:

We lead off with a prominent and clear logo display, so the origin of the email is clear right away.

Our template combines a header and footer that echoes the branding of Brown & Connery’s website, with a simple content area that can be repurposed month-after-month. Each of the content areas also has a large call-to-action (CTA) to encourage click-throughs to the website.

To help expansion of their mailing list, we’ve added a “forward-to-a-friend” button at the top to encourage people to share the email’s content with like-minded users.

Note also the option to add Brown & Connery’s email address to a safe sender list or address book, which can help reduce both hard and soft bounces and spam complaints.


Our email template right away creates trust and extends the branding for Brown and Connery throughout every touchpoint a prospect may have with the client. We’ve created a holistic marketing experience that carries throughout the process which will continue to be reinforced with landing pages on the client’s site to capture traffic from each email.

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