What is WordPress 5.0?

WordPress 5.0 is the latest version of the WordPress CMS. Going to a new full number is a rare occurrence. This only coincides with drastic changes from WordPress. The largest change is replacing the current classic WYSIWYG editor with the Gutenberg editor.

Gutenberg Editor

The Gutenberg Editor is a new block-based editor that is replacing the classic, text-based editor. It is very different, both visually and functionally, from the current editor.

How will WordPress 5.0 affect my site?

Upgrading to 5.0 and using Gutenberg will change how you manage and edit your site. The content on your existing website, along with the way you manage it, has already been established. Your pages and posts follow a specific format that was created long before Gutenberg was created. Luckily, WordPress has created a Classic Editor plugin that will allow us to update WordPress while keeping the Classic Editor you are used to.

Why should I upgrade to WordPress 5.0?

To ensure your site has received all the available security updates from WordPress. By keeping your WordPress core up-to-date, you will also ensure that all your plugins and theme will not become incompatible with your version of WordPress.

What is the upgrade process for WordPress 5.0?

First, Commexis developers will make a copy of your current site and migrate it to a testing environment. This environment will be hidden from the public and will only be accessible to Commexis and you.

Once the testing site is active, we will begin making the update to WordPress 5.0. When this is complete, we will then make all the theme and plugin updates that 5.0 has triggered. When all updates are complete, we will do a full review of the site and document any issues.

The next step is to install the Classic Editor plugin. This will disable the Gutenberg editor and will replace it with the Classic Editor, which you are already familiar with and have been using to manage your site.

Once the Classic Editor is installed, we will fix any other issues caused by updating and re-test the site.

Once all issues have been resolved, we will migrate the testing site back to the live environment.

Note: While we are working on these updates and edits, you will not be able to make updates to your live site. If you do, these updates will be lost when the test site is migrated to the live environment.

What will happen if I don’t upgrade to WordPress 5.0?

You will stop receiving security and feature updates from WordPress. This will open your site to potential security exploits within WordPress’ core files and prevent you from having the latest WordPress features. This can also lead to plugin and theme conflicts where they become incompatible with your version of WordPress, which could break your site and leave it open to security exploits in plugins and themes.

What could happen if I update to WordPress 5.0 without testing?

Making an update to the WordPress core without testing first always risks causing an issue or even potentially breaking your site. Making a major update like 5.0 without testing, will cause issues with your site. At best, it will cause confusion with how to manage and update your site as you are accustomed to the classic editor. At worst, it will break your site. We always build our sites with scalability and future proofing in mind, but an update as large as this needs to be fully tested first.

Schedule your update to WordPress 5.0

We recommend waiting until January to update as this will allow WordPress and plugin makers to release a few stability updates to make 5.0 as stable as possible.

It will generally take us 2-3 days to complete all the necessary updates, testing, and migration to and from the test environment.

How do we get started with the upgrade to WordPress 5.0?

We will need access to your domain registrar, or contact information on whoever manages it, to properly set up the testing environments.

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