• Who are looking to have their strategy and art direction tasks implemented
  • Who need things done, not endless meetings on deliverables
  • Who want to streamline their freelancer process
  • Who need to reduce overhead expenses
  • Who need to work with agency-experienced project managers


Small Business Owners

  • Who want to keep their websites up to date
  • Who need to communicate digitally with their clients on a regular basis
  • Who need to have ad and video assets created on a regular basis
  • Who have a clear strategy and messaging in place
  • Who want an easy and cost-effective way to implement marketing initiatives without hiring internally

Marketing Managers

  • Who have a clear strategy in place and need help implementing it
  • Who are looking to increase their internal digital capabilities without hiring more people
  • Who want to eliminate freelancer headaches and the endless interviewing process
  • Who need creative assets such as video and digital ads that meet their exact specifications
  • Who have to work on a budget


  • Who work with clients who have clear strategies in place
  • Who need a reliable platform that can help their clients fill in the digital gaps they face on a monthly basis
  • Who need a simple way to submit tasks
  • Who want to create a new revenue stream
  • Who need to work with project managers who can help them schedule their tasks


  • Who want their strategy, artistic direction and branding tasks implemented to their specifications
  • Who are looking to streamline their freelancer and vendor process to a single dashboard
  • Who need the flexibility to implement multiple marketing strategies quickly
  • Who want to eliminate endless scopes of work because of their internal approval process
  • Who need clear deliverables on all tasks submitted

And More…


On demand marketing project fulfillment made easy with Commexis.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Don’t just take our word for it.

Commexis has worked with us on multiple in-house sites from updating current sites to helping us create completely new ones. Commexis has always been attentive to all of our needs.

University of Pennsylvania

It’s amazing to me to see how my marketing dollars have translated into clientele. We doubled our business this year thanks to Commexis.

The McMullin Design Group

I used to work with an ad agency it was too much talking and not enough doing… Commexis is the complete opposite. I submit my tasks and I know they will be completed on the date I request them. Highly recommended!

Marketing Manager From The Legal Industry

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