Why Instagram Is No Longer ‘Optional’ for Your Business

When starting a social media campaign, businesses always turn to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn first. But with Instagram having 700 million monthly active users, it has turned into more than just a photo sharing app. Today it is one of the most used social platforms and continues to grow, which is why your business should be on it.

Eighty Percent of Instagram Users Follow a Business

Users follow their favorite brands to stay up with the latest company news as well as they like to be the first to know about the latest promotions. Having an Instagram account for your business is a fantastic way to keep your customers up to date, especially if they are constantly on their mobile device!

Shows a Different Side of Your Brand

Instagram isn’t as serious as the other platforms. It allows you to be more creative and show your customers a different side of your business. By having the creative aspect, Instagram gives your business the opportunity to build that trust factor with your customers. How do you do that? Show them a day in the life of your company by taking pictures of employees, projects, meetings, etc.

Users Engage Well with Visual Content

When scrolling through your personal social networks do you find yourself stopping at pictures and videos and scrolling right past those long status updates? So do your potential customers!

Story Feature

We all know that Instagram and Snapchat stories are very similar. However, Instagram is dominating with more than 150 million active story users. Using stories will allow your business to give a complete message to your customers than using just one image to get your message across.

Seventy-Five Percent of Instagram Users Take an Action After Seeing an Advertising Post

An action could consist of a visit to the website, direct message to the business, phone call, etc. Let that sink in.

Don’t let the thought of your business is “too boring” to keep you from creating an Instagram. In today’s growing world of social media, it is a key factor.

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