Without Clear Intent, Your Brand Messaging Can Miss The Mark

Without Clear Intent, Your Brand Messaging Can Miss The Mark

The latest news in the marketing world seems to showcase the missing purpose and message from companies, brands and leaders. Whether it’s a misleading or distasteful video ad, a customer service issue gone awry or an undesirable experience, what seems to be forgotten is the reason; the why.

Why Does Your ‘Why’ Matter?

The intention of your business, services and value is critical for success and ultimately, the reason you are in business in the first place. Without purpose, what is the point? However, it seems that marketers have put this concept on the backburner, focusing instead on content that generates buzz, engagement or likes over the actual goals they are trying to achieve and keeping in tune with their audiences’ perceptions. While brand building is important and compelling content produces results, the purpose of what you’re creating, selling or the message you want to get through to your customers must be clear. Otherwise, you may be left with a public relations blunder, social media attack and threat to your business.

Storytelling Gone Wrong

Each week, there’s another ad being pulled or ripped apart by the news or customers. Some of note this week include two leading brands, Skittles and McDonald’s, who left their clientele feeling outraged, upset, confused and even grossed-out due to the lack of intent in their messaging. Not only can this cause loss of customers and sales, but also a major loss for the company when they need to not only pull the advertisement they created and spent money, time and effort to create, but also get their Public Relations team to create a strategy and statements to clear up the mess. As numerous articles mention, the biggest upset over unclear and hurtful content goes to Pepsi, who although partnered with influencer Kendall Jenner, caused major media outrage and scrutiny.

And let’s not forget United Airlines. Because of social media, influencers, bloggers and the like, everyone now has a voice and an outlet to share their opinions, experiences and reactions to everything a company produces, including the manner and treatment from staff. It’s imperative now more than ever to make sure your why rings throughout each piece of advertising, content, services and customer interaction. Focusing on purpose and coupling that with how your audience perceives your messaging will help you achieve your goals.

Commexis’ Manager of Branding Melissa Shaine, holds a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Human Resource Management from Philadelphia University. She has expertise in social media, brand strategy and execution.

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