The Buyer’s Journey: Consideration Stage

The buyer explores solutions for the pain point or need

Work in this stage can include:

Search Engine Optimization
Google AdWords
Facebook Retargeting Ads
Instagram Retargeting Ads
Twitter Retargeting Ads
LinkedIn Retargeting Ads
Google Display Retargeting Ads
YouTube Ads
Email Marketing
Landing Page Design & Development
Website Design & Development
Organic Social Media Posting
Review Management
Tradeshow Booth Design

93% of all searches start at a search engine.

22.8% of users click retargeting ads because they remind the user of a service they would like to inquire about

Instagram will hit 112 Million users in 2020

44% of internet users say they use video to research a brand or product

Google Sites and Facebook are number 1 and 2 on the top 10 Online Video Properties among desktop users

39% of internet users belong to 1-4 email lists, 25% belong to 5 or more.

Your website needs to have clear calls to action