Masso Torrence

The Client

Masso Torrence Wealth Management | 401(k) Plan Consulting is an independent, boutique firm specializing in comprehensive financial planning and corporate retirement plans for physicians, dentists, attorneys and small-business owners. With nearly 20 years of experience, the company focuses on a specific group of clients to focus their time and resources on developing strategies that meet the unique challenges of their industries.

The Project

Masso Torrence engaged with us to completely recreate their brand from scratch. Our team started with a new logo design and working with the firm to develop new messaging and value propositions including layout and design of their ID materials and a complete redesign and build of their website. Commexis thrives on data-driven insights and a focus on client-driven strategy to address unique needs of different industries. With Masso Torrence, our editorial and writing team had the unique challenge of working around regulations on specific verbiage while the development and design team worked to create a unique website that addressed both sides of Masso Torrence: wealth management and 401(k) planning.

To address both sides the business, our team developed a website that utilizes a layout that plays on the two sides by crafting two ways of entry on the home page. Both sides of the website were constructed to reflect a unique and consistent design while keeping the information separate to avoid confusion for visitors. Our team focused on the buyer’s journey, understanding the two different types of buyers relevant to Masso Torrence’s success as a firm and using it to pivot the website’s design into an intuitive means of learning more about the company’s offerings.

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