The Buyer’s Journey: Awareness Stage

The buyer becomes aware of a pain point or need

Work in this stage can include:

Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Twitter Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Google Display Ads
YouTube Ads
Spotify Ads
Print Collateral
Branding and Logo Design
Website Design & Development

51% of Facebook users visit the site, “frequently.”

83% of ad revenue spent on social media is spent on Facebook

Instagram Ad Revenue will grow 46.8% in 2019

YouTube is 4th in total digital ad revenue for 2019

YouTube will hit 198 Million Viewers in 2019

Spotify will hit 65 Million Listeners in 2019 and over 70 Million Listeners in 2020

Avg CTR on all industries is 0.46, Legal Ads Click Through Ratio is 0.59