Project Overview

Video is one of the most important means for getting your message and your brand out in an easily digestible way, and our clients have come to us for countless video projects.


Ranging from all day shoots to interviews to simple video ads, we’ve filmed, produced and edited videos for a multitude of industries and purposes. These videos reach a wide audience and easily relay information and brand familiarity.

New Jersey American Water’s Oak Glen Treatment Plan Overview

For this video we worked hand-in-hand with Cerami Creative to create a comprehensive overview of NJAW’s Oak Glen treatment plant. The main focus was on the treatment plant’s recent construction which allows for more water treatment production to occur at the plant. This piece was filmed on-site by Commexis and Cerami Creative, and then edited by Cerami Creative.

Bochetto & Lentz Firm Overview

When creating this overview video, we wanted to showcase the “fighter” mentality Bochetto & Lentz give off in the courtroom and in their office. Thankfully, much of the iconography and decoration in George Bochetto, Esq.’s office focuses on his time as a boxing commissioner which made for some lovely b-roll and background imagery during his interview. In a similar vein, Gavin Lentz, Esq.’s office is filled with different pieces of forged art that he’s fought against in his art theft and forgery cases. Everything in this piece was fully produced by Commexis with the exception of the stock photo of the hammer and gavel used in the opening and end slates.

Gerry Maynard Alumni Interview | Valley Forge Military Academy and College

This video was a part of a broader campaign we were running for VFMAC under the “Forge Our Future” tagline which was focused on acquiring alumni donations to the school. We shot all of the interviews and b-roll in collaboration with Cerami Creative with the editing being done by Commexis. We achieved a feeling of nostalgia with the music and the film reel style opening slate alongside Gerry’s fantastic feelings on his time at VFMAC

Habitat for Humanity Construction Ad

In this 15 second video, we wanted to shed a light on the four key aspects Habitat focuses on when working with families to build their homes: Safety, Stability, Self-Reliance, and Shelter. Commexis created this piece using stock footage from our stock libraries.

Centric Business Systems | The Modern Office Has Evolved

Describing the intricacies of document management and managed print services in just a few lines, while also including hardware and software solutions, is not particularly easy. On top of that, we needed to balance the work from home demographic and the returning in-office demographic in the same video. Using stock for our b-roll ensured we could safely get the types of shots we’d need cheaply and safely, while also ensuring we could stick to a particular look for the piece. The script was co-written by our client and our videographer Matthew McGrorty with him also performing the voice over.

Salem Medical Center | Dr. Hollander Vascular Ad

For this 15 second ad, the client wanted to focus on new minimally invasive vascular procedures performed by Dr. Scott Hollander. We found a variety of fitting stock clips in our stock libraries and used those alongside hand-made graphics to advertise the procedures.

Centric Business Systems | The Modern Office Has Evolved (Spotify Audio Ad)

This is the 30-second Spotify rendition of “The Modern Office Has Evolved” ad. I think it plays well for a very corporate Spotify ad. The script was co-written by our client and our videographer Matthew McGrorty, with him also performing the voice over.

Jensen Bagnato, P.C. | If You’re Hurt, We Can Help (Spotify Audio Ad)

When creating any piece of auditory media, you want to use all of the tools at your disposal to make the audience visual your story. For this piece, we used three sound effects to paint the picture of three types of personal injuries that could occur to someone. The script and voice-over were written and performed by our videographer Matthew McGrorty.

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