Gain a Competitive Advantage

Not clear on what to invest in digital marketing? There is a formula, it’s called the 3:1 LTV Ratio and your competitors do not know about it.

End The Confusion Of Online Marketing

We get it, there is a ton of noise out there and even the most sophisticated marketer can get lost quickly. Nobody should have to rely on vanity metrics to make real business decisions. Our 3:1 in 18 Process creates a direct conversation between your digital marketing campaign and your balance sheet, eliminating marketing confusion and giving you clarity that your competitors will not have. 

Know where your potential clients are online

Successful digital marketing campaigns are built on the five core stages of The Buyer’s Journey. Our 3:1 in 18 process allocates your digital marketing investment across the Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Retention and Advocacy stages of your campaign. If you are not making the right investment across these stages, you will end up like your competitors.

Get Your Digital Marketing Campaign To Work For You

The 3:1 in 18 process by Commexis:

We Establish Your Revenue Goals

Identify the investment needed to get to a 3:1 LTV ratio

Market your brand across The Digital Buyer’s Journey