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About Commexis

100% Focused On Finding A Return On Your Marketing Investment

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Too often we see business leaders using the wrong data to decide if their digital marketing campaign is generating a return on their investment.

These vanity metrics are our mortal enemy – the dragon we love to slay – and a major liability if you’re using them to make marketing investment decisions.  Considering the current environment and the mass shift of ad budgets to digital, relying on the wrong data will lead to a loss of revenue or, possibly, your business.

At Commexis, we have created a reporting dashboard and proprietary consulting process that will get you to focus on the right marketing investment data that identifies the deficiencies in your sales funnel shows you where to allocate funds across The Digital Buyer’s Journey, and propels your company towards a profitable revenue goal or customer lifetime value ratio.

When you work with Commexis, you will be surrounded by a team that has created a marketing investment language that the CFO, CMO, Agency, sales team, and – most importantly – YOU, the business owner, can understand.

That is the power of The Commexis Process. While many companies and platforms claim they have created something similar, they haven’t. One week into our process and you will see that too.

Our process has helped both companies and agencies properly build marketing budgets, create customer acquisition costs, identify financial rates of return, as well as map out Buyer’s Journey plans that they can put into action.

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The Team

Experienced, Passionate, Dedicated.

Len Ward

Managing Partner & Commexis Process Lead

Anthony Finuoli

Managing Partner & SVP of Creative Services

Bill Pyle

Director of Digital Production
Senior Web Developer & Designer

James Van Horn

Paid Digital Budgeting Manager & Analytics

Amy Leach

Business Intelligence Reporting & Analytics

Rebekah Milsted

Paid Social Media Placement Budgeting & Analytics

Lee Goldstein

Business Development

Matthew McGrorty

Videographer & Social Media Content Producer

Ed Carr


Susan Gange

Billing Manager

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Want to join the team? We are always looking for talented individuals to help us grow.