About Commexis

Our creative will help refine your brand’s messaging, but our data-driven marketing solutions will make sure you’re targeting the right audience with that messaging.

The collaboration between science and art leads to innovation.

Commexis employs diverse multi-channel advertising strategies that are informed by decades of combined experience in the fields of marketing and design. Our work combines striking visual and design elements with data-based marketing analysis to create holistic campaigns aimed at maximizing our clients’ reach and market share.

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Digital marketing and design under one roof

Why go to multiple agencies for your traditional and digital marketing services when you can get both under one roof? Commexis can deliver a fully integrated marketing experience for your business.

Many agencies struggle to provide an omnichannel experience for their clients because they’re hyper-focused on one aspect of the user journey.

Commexis is different. We were formed when an experienced design company merged with a successful digital marketing agency. Digital marketing is in our DNA and creative design is in our soul.

We do it all. And we do it all well.

Our Team

Experienced, Passionate, Dedicated.

Len Ward

Len Ward

Managing Partner, Director of Digital

Len brings over 20 years of real-world experience in digital marketing to Commexis. He gained an in-depth knowledge of paid search, paid placement, social media, SEO, and analytics platforms while building an e-commerce brand from the ground up. His experience translates into a holistic digital strategy for your business built with the buyer’s journey in mind.

Favorite Movie Line: “I think you’ll find these are the exact measurements as our gym back in Hickory” – Hoosiers

Anthony Finuoli

Anthony Finuoli

SVP of Creative Services & Managing Partner

“Ant” is Commexis’ creative dynamo. With over 30 years experience in advertising and design for both large and small agencies/design firms, he knows the ins and outs of the business. South Philly boy born and raised at 9th & Christian in the heart of the Italian market.

Favorite Movie Line: “Whatya need a suit for Charlie? You ain’t got no job to wear it to.” –  Pope of Greenwich Village

Bill Pyle

Bill Pyle

Senior Developer & Designer, Production Manager

Bill has over a decade of experience in the advertising industry as a web developer and graphic designer. His career includes stints at creative agencies and design firms on both coasts.

Favorite Movie Line: “I can’t see anything that I don’t like about you.” – Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

James Vanhorn

James Vanhorn

Digital Marketing Manager

James’ experience includes 15 years in risk management & commercial insurance underwriting. His specialty is consulting with startups to bolster their digital presence. He also has extensive experience in SEO, SEM and paid social strategy. Originally from Central Pennsylvania, but has gone native after living in Philadelphia for the past seven years.

Favorite Movie Line: “Every man dies, but not every man really lives.” – Braveheart

Amy Leach

Amy Leach

SEO Project Manager

Amy was born and raised in South Jersey, and has a BFA from Rowan University with minors in music and art history. Loves flea markets, mid-century collectibles and furniture, art, and music.

Favorite Movie Line: “Do or do not, there is no try.” – The Empire Strikes Back

Rebekah Milsted

Rebekah Milsted

Social Media Manager

Rebekah graduated from Stockton University in 2013 with a BA and Program Distinction in Communications. Specializes in SEO including keyword research, meta data, audits, and analytics just to name a few. When not working she’s most likely to be found at a Phillies game or country music concert.

Favorite Movie Line: “You’ll shoot your eye out kid” – A Christmas Story

Matt McGrorty

Matt McGrorty

Social Media Content Producer

Matt was born and raised in South Jersey. While pursuing a BA from Rider University, he cultivated his passion for both hands-on audio and video storytelling. During his free time, Matt enjoys playing card games and watching reruns of “The X-Files.”

Favorite Quote: “You your best thing, Sethe. You are.” – Toni Morrison, Beloved

Josh Lyons

Josh Lyons

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Born and raised in Bucks County, PA, Josh graduated from Temple University in 2018 with a BBA in Marketing; specializing in social media, content creation and community engagement. In his free time, Josh enjoys watching sports with friends, playing video games, and listening to podcasts.

Favorite Quote:Follow your gut. If you have an idea, take a chance. More often than not, the reward will be worth the risk.” – Ed Snider

Susan Gange

Susan Gange

Office Manager

Sue brings more than 30 years of operations experience to Commexis. She’s worn many hats in that time, such as office manager, bookkeeper and executive assistant. Now she uses that experience to keep things at Commexis running like a top.

New Jersey born and raised, Sue enjoys relaxing on the beach and walking the boardwalk with her family.

Favorite Quote: “Whatever life throws at me, at least I don’t have ugly children.” – Aunty Acid

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