Commexis has worked with us on multiple in-house sites from updating current sites to helping us create completely new ones. Commexis has always been attentive to all of our needs.

University of Pennsylvania

It’s amazing to me to see how my marketing dollars have translated into clientele. We doubled our business this year thanks to Commexis.

The McMullin Design Group

I used to work with an ad agency it was too much talking and not enough doing… Commexis is the complete opposite. I submit my tasks and I know they will be completed on the date I request them. Highly recommended!

Marketing Manager From The Legal Industry

I knew what I wanted, I just needed someone to execute it and Commexis delivered that. No brainstorming sessions or strategy debates, just the marketing tasks I need, when I need them. They are true pros.

Project Manager at PR Firm

I spent more time looking for freelancers than actual work, not anymore. Commexis has simplified my job and allows me to focus my efforts on developing strategy and working on my agency.

Philadelphia Ad Agency Owner

There are certain behind-the-scenes things in marketing that just need to get done and those things are critical to the success of a campaign. We trust Commexis with those “things.” Not only are we confident in the work they do, but they have literally made this as simple as possible with a subscription plan and project submission portal.

NYC Ad Agency

Here is what I really like about Commexis. If you have a question or are looking for help on a pressing project, I literally can slack them and my project manager responds within minutes. If that is not working, I can pick up the phone and call them and they actually answer you. You are not getting that with freelancers or other platforms. That is huge when clients are relying on you.

Marketing Consultant

After running through quite a few unreliable digital vendors, Commexis was recommended to us by another school. Their subscription plan offered us the flexibility and agility we need at a price that fits our budget.

If you are in the education field you know this problem. We highly recommend using this service!

Delaware Valley Education Client

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