How does our work look across the buyers journey?

Our Work: The Buyer’s Journey

There are 5 steps in the Buyer’s Journey: the Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Retention, and Advocacy stages. These are the 5 fundamentals you must focus on when marketing your company. Each one feeds off the other. Think of it as a fountain, one section fills and spills into the next, in perpetuity.

Each stage in the Buyer’s Journey has its own platforms and strategies that will trigger key performance indicators (KPIs). This achieves goals in each stage and ultimately leads to conversions.

Nearly 70% of all digital ad dollars showing an ROI and consistent ad investment along with stock growth are going to 4 platforms: Google/YouTube and Facebook/Instagram. You MUST have at least 70% of your digital ad dollars on these platforms. The percentage of your total ad dollars that equals to depends on your customer acquisition cost (CAC). We recommend at least 40% of your CAC.

People see between 4000 and 10,000 ads a day. So, its non-invasive repetition and customer value that wins the day, not a cycle of new creative work after new creative work.

Let’s take a look at how some of the campaigns we have run look across the Buyer’s Journey.

The buyer becomes aware of a pain point or need.

The buyer explores solutions for the pain point or need.

The buyer is prepared to make a purchase decision.

The buyer establishes brand loyalty through seller initiatives.

The buyer is pleased and shares positive feedback.