Blu Tana specializes in farm-grown blueberry-based products crafted with natural ingredients.

We were approached with the vision of establishing a strong online presence. They needed a dynamic e-commerce platform to showcase their products, convey their mission, and emphasize their unwavering commitment to excellence. To bring their vision to life, we undertook the task of designing and developing a custom WordPress website that not only showcased their exceptional blueberry products but also represented their brand values and dedication to quality.

What We Did

Website Design

Website Development

Custom WordPress Theme Development

E-Commerce Development

Website Hosting & Maintenance


We are delighted to have partnered with Blu Tana on this project, helping them establish a strong online presence and share their commitment to producing exceptional blueberry-based products with the world. This website will play a pivotal role in their growth and success as a new and innovative business.


The website we designed and developed for Blu Tana has not only provided them with a powerful online platform to showcase their farm-grown blueberry products but has also effectively communicated their mission and commitment to excellence.

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