A new eMarketer report by Rimma Kats discusses how much is too much brand communication? We discuss in hopes our inboxes will get a little less flooded!

2 Fast 2 Furious

It’s possible that retailers are sending out too many brand communications. eMarketer’s latest looks at a data from Yes Marketing to break down what’s really going on.

Yes Marketing found that an average of six in 10 US digital shoppers they feel the number of communications they get from retailers is “just right”. And that means that 4 in 10, or 40%, think they’re getting too many or too few!

First, let’s start at mobile. About 10% of respondents said they didn’t receive text messages from retailers frequently enough, while slightly fewer (9%) felt the same about push notifications. On the email front, however, 36% of respondents said they were getting too many emails from retailers. In particular, this was felt more than the communications from social media (29%), through display ads (32%) or via push notifications (34%).

That doesn’t surprise me nor my inbox. Email is one of the kings of retail and e-comm marketing. People use email everyday in business and personal life. In fact, eMarketer reports that “62.9% of internet users worldwide preferr to get email communications from retailers—more than any other channel, including social media, a store’s website or text message.” Woah!

“Forward-looking digital marketers are challenging themselves to create a 360-degree view of their customers to center those experiences and reach them in the channels that make sense, at the right time, with the right message,” said Nicole Perrin, principal analyst at eMarketer and author of eMarketer’s recent report, “Customer Experience 2019 (Part 4)—Messaging Frequency: The Building Block of a Better Customer Experience (A 4-Part Series).” “There are still many difficulties in making that happen. One such problem: It’s impossible to know how often audiences have been reached or to manage any particular frequency or cadence of messaging across platforms.”

Damage Control

So, how much is too much brand communication? And how can you help cull how many communications you’re sending out? Well, the best amount varies user-to-user. However, there are tools and tactics to empower users to control this. One way is to allow users to control how many communications their getting. While this may be difficult on social platforms where you’re likely running social ads, for email this is easy. A simple option allowing someone to narrow down their interest can work wonders. For texts and push notifications, make it clear when and why they are being sent. And always allow an easy opt-out. Better to have someone abandon your email messaging than abandon your brand entirely.

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