Eliminate hosting problems today.

You need secure, reliable website hosting and Commexis makes that easy with a 99.996% uptime record. What separates us from working with other hosting providers is the access you have to our team. Making sure your website is up and monitoring for possible website hacks is something you should expect, but if there is something else that goes wrong, you need help and you need it immediately. Our team is readily available via phone, email or live chat. There is nothing we consider more pressing then a client website interruption.

Better Security, Uptime, and more!

Don’t settle for subpar hosting, inadequate security and 404 errors, web hosting with Commexis ensures a top-quality experience.

Your web hosting service is vital to your success as a business. When a client or customer begins their search for a business like yours or a product like yours, an error message on your site can mean the difference between a sale for you or a sale for your competitors.

WordPress website hosting for only $99 per month!

WordPress hosting that fits your needs.

Our WordPress hosting includes:

Website Hosting

Our servers each have a 99.996% Proven Uptime Record.

Front & Back End Security

We implement a long list of security settings on both the server and website, and monitor both daily.

SSL Certificate

All sites hosted by Commexis will be issued an SSL Certificate at no extra charge.

Spam Protection

We set up anti-spam measures on all forms to prevent as many spam bots as possible from successfully completing a form.

Back Up & Recovery

We run daily backups of our server and of each site. We store these backups for 30 days.

WordPress Plugin Updates

Your WordPress plugins will be updated regularly for security and functionality updates.

Website Migration

Our team will move your website to our servers, as well as update your domain, with as little downtime as possible.

WordPress website hosting for only $99 per month!


Is hosting included in any of your subscription plans?

No. Hosting is a stand alone service that is not included within our subscription plans, but it is still managed through your Commexis account.

What do you need to move my site to your server?

We will need at least the login information for your WordPress and either the login for your domain registrar or the contact information for you manages your domain. If there is anything else that is needed, we will discuss that with you before starting the website migration.

How does this process work?

It is very simple. You purchase our hosting at this link. Once that is done, there is an in-take form that will allow you to provide all of the required information. We will review this information, and if we have everything we need, we will schedule your site migration. If we need more information, we will discuss that with you.

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