Law Firm Marketing

It all comes down to the leads.

Your law firm is being lost in a crowded marketplace

The number of attorneys entering the arena has outpaced United States population growth every year since 1975. There are about 40 attorneys for every 10,000 residents nationwide. That ratio continues to trend unfavorably, resulting in even more market saturation in densely populated areas like New Jersey, Philadelphia and the surrounding Delaware Valley region.

So, how can your law firm stand out in such a crowded market?

By investing the right amount of money in your digital marketing.

Your competitors are too worried about vanity metrics to understand that there’s a formula to successful marketing, the 3:1 LTV ratio, and that gives you an advantage. When you know what a successful digital marketing campaign requires, your marketing and your bottom line become engaged.

Commexis can help you find out what you should be spending and make sure that investment is spread across the most valuable channels and platforms, targeting the places where your potential clients are spending the most time online.

Your law firm can stay lost with your competitors, adrift in a sea of marketing confusion.

Or you can schedule a Discovery Session with Commexis and be found.

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