• Reebok’s New Advocacy and Loyalty Program – The Buyer’s Journey 26

    Loyalty programs are great ways to retain customers, but Reebok’s latest encourages some fantastic Advocacy tactics, too! In today’s episode we dive deep into what makes this program unique. The Advocacy Stage: A Refresher The Advocacy stage of The Buyer’s Journey focuses on your former and current clients/customers advocating for your brand. This advocacy can come in many forms. These forms include reviews on Amazon and Google and word-of-mouth between friends and families. Positive comments on social media can also be particularly effective. The Advocacy stage also encapsulates influencer marketing. While an influencers do receive compensation for positive comments from…

    Matt McGrorty - April 05, 2019

  • Email Marketing and Handling the Opt Out – The Buyer’s Journey 25

    No matter how successful your email marketing campaign is, there’s always going to be someone who wants to opt out. In today’s episode we talk strategies for improved email campaigns and ways to ease the opt out process. The Retention Stage The Retention stage of The Buyer’s Journey focuses on maintaining relationships with your current customers and clients. Ideally, your clients will be so happy with their experience that they’ll make another purchase from you. But clients and customers don’t always do this without a little push. There are specific tactics that are particularly effective during the Retention stage. One…

    Matt McGrorty - April 04, 2019

  • Walmart Brings Voice Controlled Shopping to Google Assistant – The Buyer’s Journey 24

    Watch out Amazon, Walmart is introducing voice controlled purchasing to Google Assistant voice search with some helpful additional features not found with Alexa. The Purchase Stage The purchase stage of The Buyer’s Journey is easiest to explain. To simply put it, the Purchase Stage is when your customer purchases your product or service. But just because this is the center of the stage doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that matters. For example: how is a customer purchasing your product? What does your product’s packaging look like? If you offer a service, what does the online portal look like? On what…

    Matt McGrorty - April 03, 2019

  • Amazon Introduces Mobile Video Ads – The Buyer’s Journey 23

    Amazon is bringing a subtle change to their mobile app: video ads! We discuss the e-commerce companies slow roll-out and what this signals going forward. The Consideration Stage The Consideration Stage is the second stage of The Buyer’s Journey and involves two main components: researching a brand’s product and choosing where to buy that product. This then leads customer’s into the Purchase phase. Amazon’s Mobile Video Ad Play As Search Engine Land’s Greg Sterling reports, Amazon will be slowly rolling out video ads on it’s mobile app. The ads will be placed at the top of search results, the same…

    Matt McGrorty - April 02, 2019

  • How To Market to Parents in 2019: An Awareness Stage How-To – The Buyer’s Journey 22

    eMarketer released a fantastic new report on marketing to parents in 2019 and we break down what the data means and how you should use it! The Awareness Stage The Awareness Stage is the first stage in The Buyer’s Journey. During the Awareness stage, a prospective customer realizes they have a need or are made aware of a problem. How Do Parents Use Social Media in 2019 Mark Dolliver on eMarketer had a fantastic report focusing on parents in 2019. Specifically, the report is broken up into four parts: where parents are, parent’s thoughts on their children’s screen time, parent…

    Matt McGrorty - April 01, 2019

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