Client Overview

With numerous multi-million-dollar settlements under their belts, the attorneys at Levy, Baldante, Finney & Rubenstein, P.C., are experienced and well-equipped to handle personal injury litigation of all kinds.

Project Goals

Levy Baldante needed to update their site, which was visually out of date and to improve performance as their previous website host was incredibly slow and not secure. They also needed an overview video, social media advertising campaign, and copywriting services for their site.


Commexis worked with Levy Baldante to create a brand-new website that was much more modern looking and easy to manage, making it much more appealing to users. We also migrated the new site to our server which increased performance by 100% and created a 3-minute company overview video that captures the Levy Baldante brand and builds familiarity with their services.

Standing Defiantly In The Face of Injustice

For this firm overview, we really wanted to highlight the seriousness of the firm, the often-intense subject matter of the cases they work on, and show the empathy and compassion the firm shows for their clients.

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