Google Expands Geo-Targeting Capabilities for Advertisers – The Buyer’s Journey 65

Google is expanding its targeted location advertising capabilities by allowing marketers to hit users when they do a search after they’ve left the location. How much of a game-changer is addition to Google geo-targeting? We discuss in today’s episode!

Google’s Geo-Targeting Expansion

Ginny Marvin on Search Engine Land reports that new changes are coming to Google’s ads that focus on “people in targeted locations”. Previously, Google’s geo-targeting efforts focuses specifically on people in targeted locations. In essence, only people in that area at the time of a search would see your ad. Now, Google is changing the ad type to hone in on “People in or regularly in your targeted locations.”

Google's Geo-Targeting messages prior to the update

That means that users who are in your targeted location for a time, and then make a search later will still be shown your ad. This is particularly good for targeting commuters. Now, you can hit them with an ad while they’re at work (if they search) and later when they get home. Furthermore, you can hit users who frequent certain areas in the day, but aren’t making searches there.

Google's Geo-Targeting messages after the update

This change could be huge for marketers using Google geo-targeting. In the podcast episode, Len and I use a restaurant as an example. Let’s say you own a small restaurant down the street from an office complex. You decide to run some geo-targeted ads targeting that office complex on Google. Now, you can hit individuals while they’re at work and then once they get home. At home, it’s possible someone will begin to plan their lunch the next day. That person could see your ad and think, “Huh, maybe I’ll eat there tomorrow.” Boom, you’ve got yourself a customer. Of course, it’s ideal to hit someone while they’re at work thinking about lunch. During that time it’s easiest to get someone to make a last minute food-buying decisions. However, the awareness push is still quite solid for ad targeting like this.

As Len and I both say on the podcast, we can’t wait to see Facebook’s response. Will they add new functionality like this? Awareness campaigns could be made even more effective if Facebook had this new functionality. Whether this feature will ever get added to Facebook is unclear, but Google certainly is making a fantastic change for the better.

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